Candidates for APA President

Q5. As APA president, what specific actions would you take to support education and training at all levels, as well as address the issue of inadequate numbers of training sites in the current economic climate?

Despite APA’s championing high-quality training/education, dubious (“bogus”) credentials proliferate and must be curtailed to protect society and psychology. Through public education, I will promote rejection of substandard quasi-credentials and strive to enrich and highlight impeccable professional standards. A presidential initiative will be upgrading accreditation and approval for training and continuing education, emphasizing evidence-based competencies within the scientist-practitioner model. I will advocate increased federal and state funding for training sites and supervision (including by independent practitioners) to yield benefits at the local level (using community mental health delivery systems of clinical services to health care, rehabilitation, and social agencies and schools).

Q6. What specific initiatives will you offer, that fit within the strategic plan, for the future of psychology practice?

My highest priority will be advancing the scientific basis of psychology in general, especially for health care, and organizational efficiency. I will recognize practice wisdom and how it complements evidence-based professionalism. Trained in public health, I will encourage universities to modernize training and education to deal effectively with preparation for comprehensive health care for all people. I support supervision at all levels and in all types of psychological services, and will focus on improving APA’s accreditation/approval systems. I will emphasize that the profession, not the government, should define and monitor psychological services. Strategic planning and proaction for psychology are necessary.  (Visit Dr. Woody's website.)