October 2010 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 41 No. 9

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Does marriage make us happy?

  • Does marriage make us happy?

    Opening session keynote speaker and Harvard researcher Daniel Gilbert kicked off APA's convention with his finding that the life goals we strive for don't always make us happy.

Rosalynn Carter


First lady of mental health

APA honors Rosalynn Carter for her decades of work promoting mental health.

Psychology is a priority

Mary Wakefield, administrator of a $7.8 billion federal agency, is working to increase psychologists’ role in caring for underserved Americans.

Essentials for improving practice

Psychologists can play a greater role in health care, says APA’s president. Here’s how.

Link in

APA’s newly launched PsycLINK helps practitioners find the most salient information and Web resources.

Treatment guidelines are coming

A science and practice collaboration overseen by APA will improve patient care.

Earning a spot in science’s big tent

A new APA report lays out ways to enhance the status of psychological science.

Uneasy in America

Muslims put their religious values ahead of their American identity, a new assessment suggests.

From scorn to envy

Award-winning scientist Susan Fiske explores our lack of compassion for those we deem different from ourselves.

Freeing bad memories

Memories get reconsolidated for about six hours after being tapped, finds research by Joseph LeDoux. Can clinicians take advantage of this critical period?

How important is choice?

For white, middle-class Americans, choice is a central part of life, research suggests. That viewpoint can obscure the factors affecting decisions made by people from other backgrounds, including some New Orleanians’ “choice” to ignore evacuation orders.

Ill-prepared for the future, thanks to the past

Award-winning neuroscientist Jonathan Cohen explains why we make odd decisions.

Appreciating differences

The burgeoning science of intersectionality is adding to the understanding of how our multiple identities affect mental health.

Psychology’s case for same-sex marriage

Full equality will lessen stigma, ease stress and bring marriage’s mental health benefits to all, researchers said.

The power of Dad

How parent-child relationships are key to well-being.

Suicide among pre-adolescents

Parents and teachers ignore warning signs because they just don’t think young children would attempt it.

‘I swore I’d never tell’

A new documentary spotlights the struggles of boys who are sexually abused.

A family-based approach to curbing AIDS

APA’s HIV Community Day Conference brought together San Diego physicians, psychologists and clergy in the fight against the spread of the virus.

Through the glass ceiling, to the stars

APA’s third annual Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology points to the importance of self-discovery, networking and flexibility for women’s pursuit of administrative roles.

Help for caregivers

APA’s soon-to-be-released ‘caregiver briefcase’ will guide psychologists in easing the burden on caregivers, all while improving patient care.

Caregiver interventions that work

Clinicians shared what they’ve learned from years of community-based work with caregivers and their families as part of the presidential programming on caregiving during APA’s Annual Convention.

Little-known caregivers

Vast numbers of children and teens are caring for sick siblings, parents or elderly relatives at home — often at a cost to their own mental health.

The living will needs resuscitation

Only 25 percent of Americans have a living will, and even those who do often change their minds about what they should say, research suggests.

Moving into primary care

Psychologists are increasingly looking to work in primary-care settings. APA Annual Convention speakers discussed how to make such moves successful.

Psychology’s message is being heard

APA’s steady stream of social marketing campaigns is making Americans savvier about the many ways psychology can improve their lives.

Teachers' aids

APA offers resources for improving education at every level.

Council recognizes seven specialties and proficiencies

The move is designed to help psychology practitioners demonstrate expertise.


APA honors its psychology stars during its 2010 Annual Convention.

APA members to vote on bylaws amendments

APA’s Council of Representatives has proposed amendments to the association’s bylaws that members will vote on this fall.


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