By 2011, PsycLINK will also connect to a searchable database of outcomes measures and assessment tools clinicians can use to inform their treatment plans or measure client improvement, announced APA’s Presidential Task Force on Advancing Practice member Ann Doucette, PhD, at APA’s Annual Convention.

Clinicians can search for outcomes measures by the domain measured, such as general distress, ADHD or anxiety, by author, by language or by administrative method such as patient self-report.

Members will be able to cross over to PsycLINK and comment on the measures, said Doucette.

“We are hoping to generate conversation and dialogue in terms of how practitioners integrate the use of outcome measures in their practice, and to learn more about their experiences with outcome measures via their PsycLINK postings,” she said.

The database, which will also be accessible through MyAPA, will include information on cost, scoring, whether a measure is in the public domain or copyrighted, whether it’s a stand-alone measure or part of an outcomes measurement system, and other features.

—J. Chamberlin