November 2010 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 41 No. 10
November 2010 Monitor cover

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Veterans who changed psychology

Brain on culture


Your brain on culture

The burgeoning field of cultural neuroscience is finding that culture influences brain development, and perhaps vice versa.

In Brief




Type cast

Microsoft psychologist Kevin Larson teams with typographers and computer engineers to improve our ability to read onscreen.

Raccoon intelligence


Raccoon intelligence at the borderlands of science

Is it time to bring raccoons back to the psychology laboratory?

Images of the unimaginable


Images of the unimaginable

Psychologists are helping astronomers create pictures that inform and awe.

A second chance for the Mexican wolf

Psychologists’ interventions could help save an endangered species — and transform wildlife management worldwide.

Surviving the media onslaught

Psychologists’ research is pointing to ways Americans can find balance between online and offline worlds.

What works to protect cognition

Lifestyle interventions show promise, but the research remains inconclusive.

Revisiting philosophy with fMRI

A new generation of philosophers is using behavioral science tools to test long-standing questions about human morality.

First-class coaching

Demand for life coaches is growing, but the area remains poorly regulated and researched — therein creating an opportunity for psychologists.

Getting research into the real world

Psychologists in the burgeoning field of dissemination and implementation science are testing creative ways to improve health care and lower costs.

Evidence-based psychology in action

This intervention framework seeks to overcome the barriers to putting effective prevention and treatment programs in place.

Narrative wisdom

A special journal issue examines the complexities that ethnicity and culture bring to clinical supervision.

On your behalf


On Your Behalf

What APA is doing for you

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