Confronted with a child in a bad mood? Download The Grouchies (Magination Press, 2010), a colorfully illustrated story that describes a day in the life of a cranky child and how he learns to be more positive. The free downloadable iPad application is available from the Apple App Store.

Written by school librarian Debbie Wagenbach and illustrated by Steve Mack, the book features advice from clinical psychologist Mary Lamia, PhD, who explains to parents why their child might be feeling grouchy. She also offers guidance on how to support children in bad moods and tips for boosting their spirits.

Julia Frank-McNeil, senior director of APA’s Magination Press, says the book caters to almost everybody because all kids get a little grumpy from to time. “The book is really focused on kids … who are just having problems with their mood,” she says.

Its wide appeal has made the iPad app a hit, Frank-McNeil says. Within 10 days of its release, The Grouchies reached No. 1 in the free educational downloads category and stayed there for five days. The app’s success will likely encourage more conversions of Magination Press’s children’s books in the near future, she says.

—M. Price