The University of Akron has created a psychology museum to accompany its Archives of the History of American Psychology to bring to the public eye some of psychology’s most treasured artifacts, including the prison uniforms from the Stanford Prison experiment and the air crib used by B.F. Skinner.

The 25,000-square-foot Center for the History of Psychology opened in August. Admission is free.

Since 1965, the University of Akron has archived the journals, notes and other personal writings from more than 700 psychologists. Scholars from around the world can access the archives by appointment. Now the public can learn about the history of psychology at the university, as well.

“With the museum, the public can now come in and browse exhibits that teach them about the science and practice of psychology through the lens of history,” says David B. Baker, PhD, the director of the center.

For more information on the Center for the History of Psychology, visit The Archives of the History of American Psychology.