• Celia Fisher, PhDThe Health Improvement Institute awarded Fordham University’s Celia Fisher, PhD, with its 2010 Excellence in Human Research Protection Lifetime Achievement Award for her work protecting vulnerable, marginalized and at-risk research participants. Fisher has chaired research ethics committees for the Department of Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency, and chaired the last revision of APA’s Ethics Code.

  • Carol Landau, PhDThe Department of Medicine at Brown University’s Alpert Medical School gave Carol Landau, PhD, its 2010 Beckwith Family Teaching Award for outstanding teaching. Landau, a clinical professor of psychiatry and human behavior and medicine and co-director of psychology and psychiatry in primary care, was honored for her work teaching internal medicine and medicine-pediatric residents about behavioral medicine and professional development. Landau is the first psychologist to receive the award since its inception 10 years ago.

  • Angela Londoño-McConnell, PhDThe National Latino/a Psychological Association presented its 2010 Star Vega Distinguished Service to Angela Londoño-McConnell, PhD, for her long-standing service to the Latino/a community. Londoño-McConnell is president and co-founder of AK Counseling and Consulting, which specializes in providing culturally competent psychological and counseling services to underserved populations and consulting services for businesses and organizations at the regional and national levels.

  • Jessi L. Smith, PhDThe National Science Foundation awarded psychologist Jessi L. Smith, PhD, a $217,859 grant to study formal and informal support programs designed to help Native American students who want to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Smith, a psychology professor at Montana State University, shares the grant with Anneke Metz, PhD, a biologist at the Southern Illinois School of Medicine. They will use the money to look at how the gender and cultural experiences of Native American students majoring in STEM fields at MSU and Northern Arizona University contribute to academic success and persistence in these fields.

  • Kenneth Popler, PhD, is serving his seventh term as chair of New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Community Services Board. Popler advises the department’s commissioners on the city’s mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse prevention and treatment programs. Popler is also president and CEO of the Staten Island Mental Health Society, a children’s services agency providing mental health services to more than 6,000 children and their families.

  • Bruce B. Svare, PhDThe Thailand-United States Educational Foundation honored Bruce B. Svare, PhD, with the Fulbright Alumni Award for his contributions to the Fulbright program in Thailand. Svare, who was a Fulbright senior scholar to Thailand in 2006–07 and is now a psychology professor at State University of New York–Albany, brought courses and training in behavioral neuroscience to the Thai higher education system. In recognition of his academic work and fund-raising efforts on behalf of the Fulbright Program in Thailand, Svare received a plaque from U.S. Ambassador to Thailand Eric John.

  • Beverly Thorn, PhDThe University of Alabama awarded Beverly Thorn, PhD, its 2010 Blackmon-Moody Outstanding Professor Award for her extraordinary contributions to health psychology, the university and her students. Thorn, who chairs the university’s psychology department and is a researcher and clinician,- has helped thousands of people manage chronic pain.

  • Barbara Mellers, PhDPhilip Tetlock, PhDThe University of Pennsylvania recruited Barbara Mellers, PhD, professor of marketing, and psychologist Philip Tetlock, PhD, professor of organizational behavior at the University of California, Berkeley, for its prestigious Penn Integrates Knowledge program, which chooses exceptional faculty to serve joint appointments at Penn. The two psychologists will integrate their research and teaching efforts between the university’s psychology department in the School of Arts and Sciences and Penn’s Wharton School. Mellers studies the psychology of decision-making, and Tetlock researches the psychological, cognitive and social elements of success and failure in human prediction and judgment.