Candidates for APA President

APA members have nominated five psychologists to run for the association’s presidency. The winning candidate will serve as 2012 president-elect, 2013 president and 2014 past-president.

The presidential candidates and the number of nominating votes they received are:

This year’s nomination election was conducted completely online and began Feb. 1. Members with an e-mail address on file with APA were e-mailed an announcement. Other announcements were made on the APA website and in the January and February issues of the Monitor. The nominations closed March 18. The ballots were tabulated by Intelliscan Inc. and certified by APA’s Election Committee. All APA members are eligible to be nominated for president-elect and invited to submit a statement.

In this issue of the Monitor, the candidates have submitted biographies and candidate statements. In the June, July/August and September issues of the Monitor, the candidates will also answer questions on issues of concern to APA members.

APA will mail paper ballots Sept. 15 to members who do not have an e-mail address on file and e-mail the ballot to those who do have an e-mail address on file. Members who receive paper ballots by mail will have the option to vote online or by mail. The election closes Oct. 31.