Be the first to know about new psychology research with the APA Journals App, for iPhone and iPad. The app, downloadable for free from the Apple app store, allows users to track any of APA’s 77 journals, from broad-interest titles, such as the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, to specialty publications like Dreaming.

With just a swipe of your finger, you can glide from article abstracts to press releases explaining the importance of studies. Journal subscribers can also access full-text articles, says Susan J.A. Harris, senior director of APA Journals.

“It’s targeted to our researchers, clinicians and students,” she says. “We know they are very busy, so our intention was to have a product that would quickly and easily deliver the latest research to them.”

People with the app can often read studies weeks or months before they come out in print, Harris adds.

“It’s a great way to stay as current as possible in your field,” she says.

The APA Journals app is APA’s second iPhone and iPad application. The first, based on the 2010 Magination Press book “The Grouchies,” shows kids simple and fun ways to turn around a bad mood. “The Grouchies” app also provides parents with tips and tools for helping their kids overcome bad moods.

—S. Dingfelder