Candidates for APA President

Q1:  How will you integrate/reflect APA’s commitment to diversity in all of your presidential endeavors?

As president, I will be as I have been throughout my professional life: Diversity and multicultural competence will be central in my initiatives. It has been my privilege to practice, publish, lecture, draft policies and guidelines, and serve on task forces that advance understanding of marginalized groups. This experience is the basis from which I intend to develop initiatives that advance psychology’s role as a leader in family studies, integrative multicultural health care, physical well-being, and personal and social experiences of trauma. I have always served marginalized communities; as president, I will take this expertise to our culture.

Q2: Specifically, where does education and training appear in any of your planned presidential initiatives?

My three initiatives — Evolving Family and Gender Roles; Health for Everyone; and Trauma in Everyday Life — all depend on education and training for their success. These initiatives will feature state-of-the-art evidence-based learning materials for dissemination to the profession in graduate as well as continuing education. I envision regional training programs to reach psychologists and other mental health professionals. Additionally, these initiatives will be promoted via new technologies and social media to reach beyond the profession to the culture itself. Finally, I will continue to work to resolve the internship crisis and expand opportunities for early career psychologists.