On the Record

“Once you realize what’s causing your moods, it helps people feel less stressed out.”

—Atlanta clinical psychologist Erik Fisher, PhD, who sees more people fatigued this time of year and says allergies appear to wear patients down.
CNN, April 20

“All they’re doing is mirroring the behavior we see from the athletes. We’re seeing behavior from coaches, and really they’re just reflecting that. Aggression is getting out of control.”

—Sports psychologist Casey Cooper, PhD, on seeing more aggression among fans at athletic events.
CBS News, April 7

“It’s been cited in a number of studies that men who are taller, men who are more attractive, tend to be more successful in the dating world and in the workplace. Which is why a lot of them, I think, turn to plastic surgery as an alternative.”

—Encino, Calif., clinical psychologist David Swanson, PhD, on the trend of more men getting plastic surgery. Among the most popular procedures: pinning ears back, liposuction, eyelid surgery and getting leg veins removed.
CBS News, April 15