Candidates for APA President

Q1:  How will you integrate/reflect APA’s commitment to diversity in all of your presidential endeavors?

The APA presidential process asks vital questions, but provides for only 100-word answers! I aim to change this culture of faux responsiveness and support genuine inclusiveness, transparency and democracy in APA leadership. My main goal is to welcome and nurture new voices to the association that reflect varied orientations and diverse ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, political, gender and age-based backgrounds. Our young psychologists are already diverse in every way, except economically. We must make the effort to welcome them increasingly into our ranks, by acknowledging their needs: this is the most indebted generation of PhDs, simultaneously facing the most difficult work…

Q2: Specifically, where does education and training appear in any of your planned presidential initiatives?

...environment. We must find sources of support and training for those hardest hit and, more important, we must include debt load and the percentage of students without internships in our graduate school certification criteria. We must learn from the new generation how to position APA in the global and new technology context; this, in turn, will open wider opportunities for education, training and employment. I will dedicate my year as president-elect to bringing greater inclusivity into our divisions and associations, with a particular emphasis on the knowledge and needs of graduate students and young professionals. Reisner for President.