Candidates for APA President

Q3: What three steps would you take in order to enhance APA’s science agenda consistent with the strategic plan goal of enhancing science in APA?

  • Implement recommendations of my Presidential Task Force on Psychological Science as a STEM Discipline and clearly brand psychological science with the public.
  • Increase advocacy efforts ensuring that psychological science is a top funding priority at NSF and relevant NIH institutes. Between 40 percent–60 percent of health problems are caused by behavioral and lifestyle issues. We need to increase NIH funding to reflect this fact and better fund research on preventing the causes of chronic health and mental health problems.
  • Enhance financial support of journals and editors to ensure we maintain the top psychological science journals in the world.

Q4: The increasing use and availability of advanced technology has important implications for psychology. Please describe how you will ensure psychology remains on the cutting edge of these developments.

  • It is critical that practicing psychologists be included in the move to electronic health record systems. APA needs to advocate for federal financial assistance to help practitioners make this change and also develop standards that protect our clients’ confidentiality.
  • Change licensing laws to help practicing psychologists use telehealth technologies, such as Skype, to practice across jurisdictions.
  • Integrate social networking into APA’s website and encourage these new technologies for enhancing educational endeavors.
  • Collaborate with technology companies or organizations to provide Web-based learning opportunities on the use of technology for networking and service delivery. See Bray for APA President for more information.