Candidates for APA President

Q3: What three steps would you take in order to enhance APA’s science agenda consistent with the strategic plan goal of enhancing science in APA?

Science is the cornerstone of all that we do in psychology. Our ability to serve the public depends entirely on a strong science base, which is under threat in the current economic/legislative environment. As president, I will prioritize strengthening our legislative advocacy efforts to protect research funding, particularly for basic research, ensure peer review as the standard for scientifically acceptable material and protect vital areas of research, such as substance abuse and veterans’ mental health. Second, our ties with neuroscientific organizations will be strengthened. Third, I will support enhanced initiatives for research in behavior-based issues.

Q4: The increasing use and availability of advanced technology has important implications for psychology. Please describe how you will ensure psychology remains on the cutting edge of these developments.

Connecting psychology with the public is a major theme of my presidency, so I envision the use of newer technologies (podcasts, blogs, tweets, etc.) as a means of sharing relevant scientific information in a digestible form on any number of social and personal concerns. Within psychology, we can also use technology to create community-based websites for enhanced connections within the discipline, alerts for advocacy efforts, as well as video conferencing to reduce meeting costs and education on innovative ways in which psychologists can use these technologies. My interactive campaign website, is an example of how I would do this.