Candidates for APA President

Q3: What three steps would you take in order to enhance APA’s science agenda consistent with the strategic plan goal of enhancing science in APA?

As a quantitative researcher, I am optimistic about psychology’s potential contributions to social issues. Cross-cutting agendas I would like to pursue include: 1) Enhancing the perception of psychology as a science, including briefing documents for legislators on key research findings with social implications. 2) Psychologists can lead the development of empirically based guidelines for addressing problems in health care, education and social policy. 3) The undergraduate major psychology is often seen as a default degree rather than as an entree to a career in science. I would like to encourage the spread of a bachelor of science option in psychology.

Q4: The increasing use and availability of advanced technology has important implications for psychology. Please describe how you will ensure psychology remains on the cutting edge of these developments.

Given the scope of the question, I will focus on clinical issues. Innovations are emerging almost daily, from mandated use of electronic health records, to mobile applications for mental disorders, to online therapy, to resources such as APA’s Caregiver Briefcase. Responding to this revolution will require a multipronged approach; here is just a sample:

  • Participation in entities creating policy concerning the use of electronic health records.
  • Adding social media as a push technology for distributing action alerts, requests for contributions, and even CE programs.
  • Creating opportunities to interact with digital aids to treatment and practice management.