On the Record

“I remember when I started training, I looked around and realized that for the first time in my life, I was an endangered minority. Now I tell my male students, if you’re interested in clinical care, you can write your own ticket. You’ll be hired immediately.”

Ryan McKelley, PhD, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, on the feminization of the psychology field.
The New York Times, May 21

“For girls nowadays, it’s OK to play with boys’ toys, dress like boys, talk like them — it’s often encouraged. Boys have to walk a much finer line, and their fathers tend to be more stereotyped, telling them not to deviate from what’s typically seen as masculine.”

—Creighton University psychologist Isabelle Cherney, PhD
NPR, May 7

“We are going, going, going, going, going. And unfortunately, what happens is that the body gets kind of addicted to that level of cortisol or adrenaline production. If we have too much cortisol pumping, that’s really bad for us. And it can really kill us in the end.”

—Donna Rockwell, PhD, clinical psychologist and professor at the Michigan School of Professional Psychology
WDIV Detroit, May 18