Candidates for APA President

Q3: What three steps would you take in order to enhance APA’s science agenda consistent with the strategic plan goal of enhancing science in APA?

I love our field because no domain of human knowledge is outside its scope. Everything human reflects human psychology. Psychological science and technology are on the cutting edge of assessing, promoting and extending human capabilities, from developments in brain-imaging to the relational reconfigurations made possible through social media. Our ethos, as responsible scientists of body, mind and soul, keeps us on track. Our ethical ideal, to “improve the condition of individuals, organizations and society,” keeps us focused on our responsibilities as we bring our advances into the world. As president of APA, I will be a public advocate for our …

Q4: The increasing use and availability of advanced technology has important implications for psychology. Please describe how you will ensure psychology remains on the cutting edge of these developments.

… best innovations, with a focus on five initiatives to: 1) work toward increases in federal funding for behavioral research while opposing anti-science political agendas; 2) press toward greater integration of practice and research; 3) encourage scientific applications that further psychology’s commitment to human welfare and the good of our planet; 4) create a young psychologists’ advisory panel on integrating social media technology into psychological pedagogy, governance and practice; and 5.) foster an “intergenerational” professional culture in which our members’ insights and expertise — regardless of age — are brought to bear on the challenges and opportunities new technologies inevitably raise.