Webinar offers help for people caring for those with dementia

APA Div. 20 (Adult Development and Aging) offers a 90-minute webinar, “Doing the Best We Can: An Overview of Online and Clinical Resources for Care Providers of Families Struggling with Dementia.” Hosted by Joseph Gaugler, PhD, of the University of Minnesota, the webinar discusses:

  • An evidence-based synthesis of effective interventions for family members caring for those with dementia.
  • A review of online resources for care providers, including APA’s “Caregivers Briefcase.”
  • An overview of other helpful clinical and online resources for care providers and families.The webinar offers 1.5 hours of both APA and Minnesota Board of Nursing CE credits. Cost is $15. To register, contact Joe Gaugler via gaug0015@umn.edu.
New video series offers interviews with leading psychotherapists

APA Div. 29 (Psychotherapy) has launched a new video program called Psychotherapists Face-to-Face, hosted by Jeffrey J. Magnavita, PhD, and featured on the division’s website. The video series features interviews with prominent psychologist-psychotherapists, who discuss their work, including Laura Brown, PhD, Leslie Greenberg, PhD, Lorna Smith Benjamin, PhD, Hanna Levenson, PhD, Tom Sexton, PhD, and Michael Yapko, PhD. To see the videos, go to www.divisionofpsychotherapy.org.

Divs. 28 and 50 host substance abuse forum at APA’s convention

Most psychology practitioners are directly, or indirectly, affected by issues related to substance abuse, yet the resources for psychologists on the front line of education, diagnosis and treatment are often limited. To address that gap, APA Div. 28 (Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse) and Div. 50 (Society of Addiction Psychology) are sponsoring a Practitioners’ Forum during APA’s 2011 Annual Convention in Washington, D.C.

This event seeks to initiate a dialogue between practitioners and members of National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, including research division directors, branch chiefs, and program staff. The goal is to help institute staff better understand the information, methodology and materials practitioners need to improve their ability to provide exceptional care for patients and other vulnerable individuals; support general education and clinical training; make informed program and policy decisions; and maximize their effectiveness as psychologists, regardless of whether substance abuse is a primary or secondary focus of their practice.

The forum will be held Friday, Aug. 5, 2–3:50 p.m. in the Renaissance Washington Hotel Grand Ballrooms Central and South. Everyone is invited. Questions and ideas can be submitted in advance. More information is available at Division 50.