Candidates for APA President

Q5: What are your plans to increase significantly the number of new members and retain current members?

Psychologists across the nation say they don’t see the value of APA membership and many disagree with APA policies. Incomes are dropping, so psychologists believe they can’t afford the dues — we need to lower APA dues. We need to make APA attractive to our young scientists and practitioners, broaden our inclusion of diverse viewpoints in social policies based on our science and improve the declining economic outlook for psychologists. Many members do not realize the numerous important things APA accomplishes — an internal public relations issue. To be a strong organization, we must improve communication between APA and YOU, the member.

Q6: What steps must APA take to ensure it has a legitimate, compelling and persuasive voice before the various state and federal legislatures and courts?

APA has a powerful and persuasive voice in the Congress and courts — we just need to increase it. This requires that we strengthen our grassroots advocacy through involvement of more members and increase our political giving to enhance access. Courts highly value the science-based information we provide for important policy decisions, and many outside organizations rely on APA to help craft good social policy. We need more effort to brand psychology to the public, and this will help increase our influence with legislatures and courts. A strong and viable Practice Organization is necessary to increase our political influence. See Bray for APA.