Candidates for APA President

Q5: What are your plans to increase significantly the number of new members and retain current members?

Membership recruitment and retention are among the highest priorities for my presidency. I will ensure that our continued efforts to recruit younger members offer benefits that are relevant to the ways in which they practice, teach and conduct research: through technology. I’d expand our website’s ability for podcasts and innovative, virtual community-based interest groups. We will address the needs of midcareer psychologists, which is the group that is leaving APA in greatest numbers, through outreach. Finally, our life and senior members need practical resources relative to retirement and professional aging.

Q6: What steps must APA take to ensure it has a legitimate, compelling and persuasive voice before the various state and federal legislatures and courts?

Our APAPO and government relations staff do an excellent job with modest resources, but they cannot expand their essential advocacy work without more support from psychologists. We will increase our education of psychologists about the importance of political giving to protect and advance their work. APAPO will work with SPTAs to guarantee psychology’s role in advancing health care. Our Office of the General Counsel has filed briefs that have been instrumental in legal decisions of great importance to psychology, such as child welfare, family issues and LGBT rights. Their work needs to be supported through increased visibility to the membership.