Candidates for APA President

Q5: What are your plans to increase significantly the number of new members and retain current members?

Our beloved association faces a crisis. For the first time, membership has dropped significantly and young professionals are looking elsewhere. Too many psychologists are disillusioned with APA’s troubling stances on important issues: on torture, crossing union picket lines, misleading members on Practice Directorate fees. When the U.N. special rapporteur on torture asked the APA president to implement its member-passed “anti-torture” referendum, that president (running again) did not do so. After council stood up to prohibit military advertisements in APA publications after “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” APA leaders (including a current APA presidential candidate) worked to reinstate those ads. Our APA …

Q6: What steps must APA take to ensure it has a legitimate, compelling and persuasive voice before the various state and federal legislatures and courts?

…has wasted valuable resources providing and publicizing congressional testimony supporting sketchy clandestine intelligence operations, while legislative activism on behalf of good practice and good science is obscured. Valuable longtime members, like Mary Pipher and Ken Pope, have resigned; potential new members have stayed away. I will reinvigorate membership by restoring democracy, transparency and courage to APA. I will advocate for the integration of human health, human rights, human dignity and unbiased science in our legal, political and legislative efforts. When we return to our basic values — scientific integrity, ethics, compassion, wisdom and professionalism — we will build membership again.