According to data compiled by the APA Presidential Task Force on Immigration:

  • 460 languages are spoken in the United States, and children attending New York City public schools alone speak a total of 150 languages.

  • 23 percent of U.S. children are children of immigrants, and by 2020, it is expected to be one in three.

  • 62 percent of our country's immigrants speak Spanish.

  • Catholicism is the main religion of new immigrants, but a growing number of people represent evangelical Christian religions and non-Judeo-Christian religions, such as Islam and Sikhism.

  • Nearly a quarter of all American physicians and science and engineering workers are foreign born, as are 47 percent of all PhD-level scientists.

  •  The No. 1 reason people come to the United States is to reunite with family members. Other top reasons include search for work, escape from violence and war in one's home country, and environmental disasters.

  •  25 million people have been displaced internationally by environmental catastrophes. The United Nations Development Programme predicts that by 2050, that number will be closer to 200 million.

—T. DeAngelis