Content domains of the new standards APA’s newly revised National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula includes seven content domains, each with standard area outlining what students should know after finishing the unit:

  • Domain: Scientific inquiry
    Standard: Perspectives in psychological science
    Standard: Research methods, measurement and statistics

  • Domain: Biopsychological
    Standard: Biological bases of behavior
    Standard: Sensation and perception
    Standard: Consciousness

  • Domain: Development and learning
    Standard: Life span development
    Standard: Learning
    Standard: Language development

  • Domain: Sociocultural context
    Standard: Social interactions
    Standard: Sociocultural diversity

  • Domain: Cognition
    Standard: Memory
    Standard: Thinking
    Standard: Intelligence

  • Domain: Individual variations
    Standard: Motivation
    Standard: Emotion
    Standard: Personality
    Standard: Psychological disorders

  • Domain: Applications of psychological science
    Standard: Treatment of psychological disorders
    Standard: Health
    Standard: Vocational applications