In honor of

Dr. Nancy L. Baker
In honor of Melba Vasquez, PhD

Mr. Stanley and Dr. June E. Blum
In honor of Patricia Pitta

Dr. Janis Bohan and Dr. Glenda Russell
In honor of Cisco Sanchez, PhD

Robert A. Brown, PhD
In honor of Ray Fowler

Dr. Joanne E. and Mr. James R. Callan
In honor of Raymond Fowler, PhD

Dr. Mathilda B. Canter
In honor of Leona Aiken upon her induction as one of three President’s Professors at Arizona State University

Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD
In honor of a speedy recovery for Dr. Phyllis Tobin
In honor of Bonnie Markham’s speedy recovery

Dr. Helen L. Coons
In memory of Jennifer Kelly’s brother and nephew

Dr. Erik Craig
In honor of Paul J. Stern

Dallas Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology
In honor of Laural Wagner, PhD

Dr. Susan Darley
In honor of Violet Franks

Dr. Irene M. Deitch
In honor of Ray Fowler’s recovery

Dr. Alan L. Doerman and Mrs. Linda A. Doerman
In honor of “Miss Linda” Doerman

Dr. G. Rita Dudley-Grant
In honor of Norine Johnson

Rachel C. Efron, PhD
In honor of Herman Efron

Dr. Wayne J. Ehrisman
In honor of Emilie Ehrisman

Ms. Sharon S. Ellis
In honor of Shana Hawkins

Dr. Michi Fu
In honor of Doris Penman

Dr. Gloria B. Gottsegen
In honor of Dr. Shirley Kaufman

Dr. and Mrs. Harrison Gough
In honor of Dr. Jane B. Brooks and the 2011 edition of her book, “The Process of Parenting”

Mr. Craig and Mrs. Heather Gruber
In honor of Dr. and Mrs. John W. Gruber

Dr. Lee Gurel and Ms. Linda Loy
In honor of Mrs. Jeanne Blakeslee, current chair of APA’s Committee of Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS). Her infectious enthusiasm and teaching skills have inspired both her own students and the students of the other high school teachers with whom she has networked.

Dr. Douglas C. Haldeman
In honor of Laura Brown

Dr. Karin S. Hart
In honor of Eliza Jane Hart

Dr. Gordon I. Herz
In appreciation for the donation made by APA Div. 42 in memory of my father

Ms. Tanya Hess
In honor of Allen K. Hess, PhD

G. William Hill, PhD
In honor of Charles L. Brewer

Dr. Shirley Jacobs
In honor of Florence Denmark

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Lisa Karofsky
In honor of Dr. Harry Levinson’s 90th birthday

Terence M. Keane PhD
In honor of David H. Barlow, PhD

Professor Herbert C. and Mrs. Rose B. Kelman
In honor of M. Brewster Smith

Dr. Gerald P. and Mrs. Robin C. Koocher
In honor of Laura Barbanel
In honor of Lisa Grossman
In honor of Dr. Joseph E. Nyre’s inauguration as president of Iona College

Dr. Luciano L’Abate
In honor of Alan Kazdin, PhD
In honor of Drs. Robert and June Woody

Dolores O. Morris, PhD
In honor of Ruth Ochroch
In honor of Berton Karon
In honor of Nathan Stockhamer
In honor of Joseph Reppen
In honor of George Goldman

Edith D. Neimark PhD
In honor of Violet Franks’ birthday

John C. Norcross PhD
In honor of Dr. Kurt Geisinger

Dr. Asher R. Pacht
In honor of Dr. Barb Van Horne

Dr. William D. Petok
In honor of Andrea Braverman’s recent award from APA

Harriet P. Ritzer
In honor of Dr. Dorothy Cantor

Nancy M. Robinson, PhD
In honor of Ana Mari Cauci

Dr. Wendy Satin-Rapaport
In honor of Dr. Barbara Stern, gracious colleague

Drs. Carolyn and Stephen Schroeder
In honor of Sheila Eyberg on her retirement from the University of Florida

Dr. Sylvia Shellenberger
In honor of Dr. Anthony Chambers
In honor of Dr. Erika Lawrence

Dr. Stephanie Shields
In honor of Phyllis W. Berman, PhD

Dr. Anita O. Solomon
Honoring Dr. Carole Rayburn’s birthday
Honoring Dr. Maurine Kelly’s birthday
Honoring Dr. Donna Kozuck’s birthday
Honoring Dr. Phyllus Barson’s health program graduation

Dr. Arlene Steinberg
In honor of Dr. George Goldman

Ms. Elisabeth R. Straus
In honor of Lisa Grossman’s birthday
In honor of Idalia Ramos, Kim Rowsome and Claire Meaney — in appreciation for their dedication, competence, grace and wonderful spirit this summer

Dr. McCay and Mrs. Marie Vernon
In honor of Irene W. Leigh

Dr. Marsha Weinraub
In honor of Helen Coons

Dr. Ellen Williams
In honor of Matty Canter

Diane J. Willis, PhD
In honor of Siony Austria, PhD

Dr. Abraham W. Wolf
In honor of a speedy recovery for Mark Hilsenroth

In memory of

Dr. Barry S. Anton
In memory of Norine Johnson
In memory of Paul L. Stavig
In memory of Christopher Ma

APA Div. 42 (Psychologists in Independent Practice)
In memory of Virlena Lee
In memory of Heinz Leon Herz
In memory of Christopher Ma

APA Ethics Office
In memory of Betty Forrest

Mr. J.H.Z. Greiner and Ms. Lynn Bailey
In memory of our brother and brother-in-law, Bill Congressman Brian Baird, PhD
In memory of B.J. Fitzgerald

Laura H. Barbanel, EdD
In memory of Christopher Ma
In memory of Norine Johnson

Mrs. Norma Benimoff
In memory of Murray Benimoff

Mrs. Dorothy C. Bevan
In memory of Dr. William Bevan

Dr. Ghislaine Boulanger
In memory of Johanna K. Tabin, PhD

Dr. Adele M. Brodkin
In memory of Helen H. Meyer

Dr. Laura S. Brown
In memory of Norine Johnson

Robert A. Brown PhD
In memory of Dr. Leon Levy

Dr. Mathilda B. Canter
In memory of Norine Johnson

Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD
In memory of Judith Patterson’s beloved husband, Steve
In memory of Dr. Charles Zadikow’s beloved mother,

Jean Zadikow
In memory of Elaine Rodino’s beloved mother
In memory of Wayne Woodlief ’s beloved wife, Norine Johnson
In memory of Nathalie Gilfoyle’s beloved husband,

Christopher Ma
In memory of Meredith Rothenberg’s beloved mother, Louise Harris

Dr. Salvatore Cianci
In memory of Preston Abbott, PhD

Mr. and Dr. Allan Cohen
In memory of Rabbi Robert Ungar
In memory of Mr. Charles Cohen

Dr. Lillian Comas-Diaz
In memory of Elba S. Roman-Diaz

Dr. Victoria Comerchero
In memory of Baruch Comerchero

Dr. Helen L. Coons
In memory of Renee Royak-Schaler, PhD
In memory of the mother of Elaine Rodino, PhD

Mrs. Tema David
In memory of Henry David

Dr. Mitzi J. Dearborn
In memory of Nathan Perry, PhD

Dr. Alan L. Doerman and Mrs. Linda A. Doerman
In memory of Dr. Tom Dudley

Dr. Elaine Ducharme
In memory of Frankee and Albert Silverman

Dr. Susan C. Esquilin
In memory of Dr. Steven Patterson

Ruth E. Fassinger, PhD
In memory of Naomi Meara
In memory of Dr. Toy Caldwell-Colbert

Dr. Seymour Feshbach
In memory of Robert Dennis Singer

Dr. Linda M. Forrest
In memory of Christopher Ma
In memory of Nancy Elman’s sister, Diane Stein
In memory of Jerry Stone

Mr. Laurie and Richard Frankoff
In memory of your beloved daughter, Nancy Hartenstein

Drs. Cyril & Violet Franks
In memory of Henry David — long-term friend, talented psychologist and outstanding entrepreneur

Dr. Donald K. and Mrs. Gerda Freedheim
In memory of Norine Johnson

Dr. Ellen G. Garrison
In memory of Norine Johnson, PhD

Drs. Kurt F. Geisinger and Janet F. Carlson
In memory of Karl W. Geisinger, PhD
In memory of Mrs. Marjorie Suhs Brewer

Carol D. Goodheart, EdD
In memory of Katherine Nordal’s parents: Ina Katherine Rayburn Kazim and John Kazim

Dr. Elizabeth Goren
In memory of Ruth Lesser, PhD

Dr. Albert E. Goss
In memory of Theodore R. Vallance

Lisa Grossman, JD, PhD
In memory of Nathalie’s beloved husband, Christopher Ma

Dr. Raymond F. Hanbury, PhD
In memory of Stephen Patterson, PhD

Dr. Kate F. Hays PhD
In memory of Norine Johnson

Dr. Marvin Hersko
In memory of Barbara Hersko

Barry Hong, PhD
In memory of Professor Robert J. Hong

Dr. Cindy L. Juntunen
In memory of Don Atkinson

Dr. Maurine K. Kelly
In memory of Johanna K. Tabin, PhD

Devon King, PhD
In memory of Myles Daniel King

Dr. Gerald P. and Mrs. Robin C. Koocher
In memory of William Marland Sammons

Dr. Kimberlyn Leary
In memory of Dr. Herbert Joseph Leary Jr.

Dr. Ronald F. Levant and Ms. Carol Slatter
In memory of Norine Johnson, PhD

Dr. Stephen A. Lisman
In memory of David A. Kipper, PhD

Dr. Norka T. Malberg
In memory of Johana K. Tabin

Drs. Janet and Lee Matthews
In memory of Dr. Connie Paul’s mother-in-law
In memory of Mae Billet-Ziskin’s daughter, Laura

Dr. Justin D. McDonald
In memory of Dr. Toy Caldwell-Colbert

Stanley B. Messer, PhD
In memory of Donald Spence

Patricia Mitchell, PsyD
In memory of Kevin L. Moreland, PhD

Dolores O. Morris, PhD
In memory of Berton Karon’s wife, Mary

Dr. and Mrs. Roger Myers
In memory of Robert E. Graetz

Bernard F. Natelson, PsyD
In memory of Helen Natelson

Dr. Gene K. Nebel
In memory of John E. Exner, PhD
In memory of Paul M. Lerner, EdD
In memory of Malcolm J. Marks, EdD
In memory of T. Stephen Patterson, PhD
In memory of Zyqmunt A. Piotrowski, PhD

Dr. Mary Ellen Olbrisch
In memory of Carol Sechrest

Dr. Judith Patterson
In memory of Dr. Stephen T. Patterson

Dr. Martin and Mrs. Enid F. Reiser
In memory of Dr. Ernest S. Lawrence

Mrs. Edythe Rosenthal
In memory of Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal

Drs. Donald Routh and Margaret Gonzalez
In memory of Alan Marlatt
In memory of Morris B. Parloff
In memory of Monroe M. Lefkowitz
In memory of Lizette Peterson-Homer

Drs. Carolyn and Stephen Schroeder
In memory of Sandra Shaw

Dr. Jeri A. Sechzer
In memory of Dr. Robert Wesner, husband of Dr. Florence Denmark

Div. 39, Section III
In memory of Johanna K. Tabin, PhD

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Carole H. Shellenberger
In memory of Randy Gerson

Dr. Juanita Shell-Peterson
In memory of Douglas and Sallie Shell

Dr. Kumea Shorter-Gooden
In memory of Dalmas Taylor

Jeffrey H. Spector, PsyD
In memory of Bob Cohen

Ms. Elisabeth R. Straus
In memory of Christopher Ma

Dr. Brian W. Sugden
In memory of David Levine
In memory of Jim Cole
In memory of Bill Schofield

Holly Sweet, PhD
In memory of Dr. Shirley Glass

Mrs. Carole L. Thorsell
In memory of Bernard Alan Thorsell

Dr. Terry R. Tobias
In memory of Kent Katz, PhD

Dr. Melba J. Vasquez
In memory of Christopher Ma

In memory of Norine Johnson, PhD

Dr. Glenna Weiss
In memory of Justin Weiss

Dr. Lawrence S. Wrightsman Jr.
In memory of Solomon Fulero

Dr. and Mrs. Robert I. Yufit
In memory of Charles Van Buskirk, PhD

Dr. Theodore Zahn
In memory of Morris Parloff, PhD

Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD
In memory of Eugene L. Behrman

To see the full list of 2011 donors, visit APF online.