Candidates for APA President

Q1: What concrete steps will you take during your term to encourage the engagement of early career psychologists (ECPs) in APA (scientists, educators and practitioners)?

I would tell early career psychologists that I believe that APA has deleted more than 100 of my posts on Facebook. I sent a letter to APA's CEO objecting to such deletions. APA conducted an investigation and reported back to me that none of my postings have been deleted by APA. I don't believe it's true.

I would suggest they read the works of Dr. Phil Zimbardo and others demonstrating how people in power can easily become corrupted and abuse their power. 

I would tell them: You are needed to be aware and vigilant!

Q2: What is your vision of the future of psychological science in an era of increasing interdisciplinarity?
If we truly believe in interdisciplinary stimulation and integration, let's begin to practice it within our own organization. Encourage equal membership for people from all professions and disciplines. Each member would have the right to one vote on all issues and the right to propose issues directly to the entire APA interdisciplinary community for a majority vote. Also, make our Board of Directors interdisciplinary. Interdisciplinary psychologists need to learn how to shift from one self to another, from one technique to another in a multi-modal way, e.g., à la the Dr. Arnold Lazarus multi-modal way. Have interdisciplinary workshops.