June 2012 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 43 No. 6

Monitor on Psychology June 2012

Too many meds?

  • Inappropriate prescribing

    Research shows that all too often, Americans are taking medications that may not work or may be inappropriate for their mental health problems.

Roots of mental illness


The roots of mental illness

How much of mental illness can the biology of the brain explain?

Dr. Patrick Canavan (credit: Lloyd Wolf)


Agent of change

Psychologist Patrick Canavan has turned a once notoriously decrepit mental health hospital into a gleaming, state-of-the-art facility.



Our moral motivations

Humans have evolved from being driven by self-interest to being team players who want their lives to count for something, argues University of Virginia psychologist Jonathan Haidt.

Shell shock


Shell shocked

During World War I, some people saw shell shock as cowardice or malingering, but Charles S. Myers convinced the British military to take it seriously and developed approaches that still guide treatment today.

Dr. Bill Howell is the recipient of the 2012 Raymond D. Fowler Award for Outstanding Contributions to APA. He is pictured here in APA’s lobby in 1997 when he served as the association’s executive director for science. (Credit: Herman Farrer)


APA honors Howell

William C. "Bill" Howell is given this year's top award for outstanding contributions to the association.

What you should know about online education

APA does not accredit fully online programs in professional psychology. Here’s why.

Redefining masculinity

Three psychologists strive to build a ‘better' man.

Miscarriage and loss

Losing a pregnancy can affect a woman — and her family — for years, research finds.

Something for everyone

APA divisions, Psi Beta and Psi Chi are hosting these sessions at APA's Annual Convention, Aug. 2–5, in Orlando, Fla.

Support for early career research

Pearson renews its program that supports research on serious mental illness and other areas of societal need.

Alan W. Burkard, PhD


Paul L. Craig, PhD

Independent Practice, Anchorage, Alaska

Todd E. Finnerty, PsyD

PsychContinuingEd.com, Columbus, Ohio

Douglas C. Haldeman, PhD

Independent Practice and University of Washington, Seattle

Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD

Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta

Sheldon M. Cohen, PhD

Independent Practice, Phoenix