Candidates for APA President

Q3: Taking into account the changing demographics of our society (e.g., aging population, ethnic diversity), how would you forge effective alliances with other organizations and disciplines to promote APA's science and practice expertise?

Assuming my fellow APA members wanted to become more interorganizational and interdisciplinary, I would:

  1. Encourage members of other organizations and disciplines to join APA as full members with the right to one vote on all issues and the right to propose issues directly to the entire APA community for a majority vote. 

  2. Encourage them to become members of APA's Board of Directors. 

  3. Create interorg/interdisciplinary workshops to improve multi-modal functioning skills: Practice flexible shifting from one perspective to another, from one technique to another, from one self to another.

Q4: Given the growing importance and impact of technology on psychological practice and the positioning of psychotherapy and other psychological treatments, assessment and other services in health-care reform, what do you envision as an appropriate role for the association on these issues?

An appropriate role for APA to take on technology is to differentiate constructive versus destructive use of technology; include disagreement. Example: I believe APA has arbitrarily deleted much more than 100 of my posts from Facebook. That's destructive use of technology. When Gov. Romney is extremely critical of President Obama, does the U.S. government delete Gov. Romney's critique? Debate me, don't delete me! I took screen shots of some of these deletions and sent the evidence to APA's CEO.  I believe that's a beginning to reconstructive use of technology.