September 2012 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 43 No. 8

Monitor on Psychology September 2012

That gut feeling

  • That gut feeling

    With a sophisticated neural network transmitting messages from trillions of bacteria, the brain in your gut exerts a powerful influence over the one in your head, new research suggests.

Neuropsychologist Antonio Puente (credit: Mark Courtney)


Psychology's visionary

For more than 20 years, neuropsychologist Antonio Puente has been working to ensure psychology's seat at the health-care table.



Changing our brains, changing ourselves

Neuroscientist Richard Davidson believes that understanding the neurobiology of emotion can help all of us develop the right ‘emotional style' to improve our lives.

William James and the sixth sense


William James and the sixth sense

Despite his grousing about lab work, William James conducted extensive experiments on the mechanism of dizziness — studies that are little known in psychology circles.

Update on the Affordable Care Act


School psychologists feel the squeeze

As school budgets shrink, school-based mental-health services are losing resources and support.

Diversity at community colleges

How psychology professors and schools can help immigrants, single parents, veterans and other nontraditional students.

Regaining control

Advances in behavioral therapy for Tourette syndrome offer many children an alternative to medication.

Gained in translation

APA sends a delegation to Cuba—and its members return with far more than anticipated.

Better together

APA's Interdivisional Grants Program unites psychology's subspecialties.

Psychology's top honors

Congratulations to the psychologists who received awards at APA's 2012 Annual Convention last month.

Rick Rappaport, PhD (credit: Mel Evans)




Douglas C. Haldeman, PhD

Independent Practice and University of Washington, Seattle

Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD

Emery University School of Medicine, Atlanta

Paul L. Craig, PhD

Independent Practice, Anchorage, Alaska

Sheldon M. Cohen, PhD

Independent Practice, Phoenix

Todd E. Finnerty, PsyD, Columbus, Ohio