• Ruth Baxter, PhD, was named a scholar ambassador at the 2012 World Forum in Oxford, England, Aug. 28–Sept. 2. The forum, co-organized by the American Biographical Institute and the International Biographical Center, brought together delegates from a variety of professions whose contributions have broadened society and communities around the world. Baxter, an education expert, presented on the effect of group homes on mental health clients.

  • The Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs presented Arthur M. Horne, PhD, with its 2012 Lifetime Contributions Award during APA's Annual Convention, Aug. 2–5 in Orlando, Fla. Horne is dean of the University of Georgia College of Education and a distinguished research professor who is widely recognized for his work on dysfunctional families and ways to prevent and address bullying and aggressive behavior among males. In 2011, he received APA's Award for Lifetime Contributions to Prevention Psychology and is the current president of Div. 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology).

  • Mike Sullivan, PhD, was first runner-up in the Meals on Wheels Association of America's Annual American Volunteer contest. Sullivan, who was APA's assistant executive director for state advocacy from 1992–2005, has volunteered for the Columbia, S.C., branch of Meals on Wheels for four years. He delivers 50 meals each week to older homebound adults. Sullivan also volunteers at the Howlmore Animal Sanctuary in Columbia, where he works with special-needs animals. Before he became a psychologist, Sullivan served in the Peace Corps in Korea where he developed a high regard for how Asian cultures respect the elderly. His experience inspired him to volunteer for Meals on Wheels during his retirement. Sullivan won $750 for his Meals on Wheels branch. View his nomination video.

  • Colorado State University psychology professor George Thornton III, PhD, may become the oldest man to swim across the English Channel next summer. Thornton, 72, trained and traveled to Dover, England, to swim the channel last July, but was unable to swim because of two weeks of bad weather. Thornton, an industrial-organizational psychologist, has completed more than 90 triathlons, including 12 Ironmen.

Workshops for high school teachers of psychology

Twenty-five high school teachers from around the country participated in the eighth annual APA–Clark University Workshop for High School Teachers on the Clark campus, July 16–18. The event is also supported by the American Psychological Foundation.

APA's Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools collaborated with the university to develop the workshop, which featured lectures on sensation and perception, the learning sciences and adolescent sleep patterns. The workshop offered working sessions with seasoned high school teachers on how best to engage students. The high school teacher participants were: Nicole Bardoulas, Cindy Briggs, Emily Burnam, Elizabeth Chuba, Jill Cooper, Jessica Duco, Jon Dugan-Henriksen, Simone Duven, Kay Fenn, Nancy Gagnon, Gerri Garofalo, Pamela Hornung, Stephanie Kenney, Matthew Marino, Michael McLane, Julie Muskopf, Jaclyn Parslow, Aaron Portenga, Emily Ries, Kerri Romanino, Michael Schirtzer, Lily Shine, Kirk Svendsen, Estefania Torres and Peter Warren.