The Monitor asked clinical psychologist Steven James, PhD, chair of the psychology and clinical mental health counseling programs at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vt., to talk about why he contributes to APF and why he has included APF in his will.

Why did you decide to make a bequest to APF?

As an educator and administrator at Goddard College, I can see the value of the progressive education we offer in our psychology and clinical mental health counseling programs. But what I can't see is the future; I know there will be new and exciting evolution and revolution in our profession, and my bequest to APF assures me that I'll be supporting the best work in psychological research and practice. APF is an exceptionally well-managed foundation, so I know that money will be put to effective use for the advancement of our understanding of the human experience.

What kinds of activities will your bequest support?

The Visionary Fund responds to changing needs in the field. I want future generations to have the flexibility to do what's needed in a landscape I can't predict. It's easy for me to trust the future use of a bequest because I've seen the commitment APF has to the efficient use of its resources and I know APF's mission is forward looking, responsible and outcome based. With that assurance, I am [confident that] future generations of psychologists will do their best with my support.

What else do you want to tell psychologists about the APF bequest program?

We often and rightly acknowledge those who have gone before us in our work; we talk about the shoulders upon which we stand. Making a bequest to APF brings those of us here, now, together and shoulder to shoulder to support those who will come after us. The simple act of making the bequest gives me comfort that I'm supporting those who will see new days, dawns beyond my sight.