December 2012 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 43 No. 11

Behavioral health experts are fighting the childhood obesity epidemic from a variety of angles. Here’s what works.

Preventing obesity

  • Big kids

    Behavioral health experts are fighting the childhood obesity epidemic from a variety of angles. Here’s what works.

Recognizing opportunities is one of Dr. Lisa Brenner’s strengths. “She meets someone at a conference and realizes a shared interest they have. Before you know it, they’re putting in a grant application together (credit: Kim Cook)


Exploring the link between suicide and TBI

With funding from the Department of Defense, Lisa Brenner is developing a suicide prevention program for military personnel and veterans with traumatic brain injuries.



Neuroscientist brings light to the blind — and to vision research

Pawan Sinha is working to treat blindness among India's poorest children and in the process is discovering how the brain learns to see.

Creating more internships


Creating more internships

A Texas foundation works to create quality psychology internships that will help underserved clients.


Psychologists are working to make schools more welcoming for LGBTQ youth.

Allies against HIV/AIDS

An APA program is bringing behavioral and social science expertise to the front lines of HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

Later-life sex

Psychologists are working as part of health-care teams to help older adults keep their sex lives going strong.

20 years of advancing mental and behavioral health

The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has been addressing the nation's mental and behavioral health needs since 1992.

Sincere flattery

A surprising number of children have followed in their psychologist parents' footsteps.

Make a mark

By donating to the American Psychological Foundation, Steven James is strengthening the next generation of psychologists.

Government Relations


Improving care for older adults

APA co-hosts a briefing to draw attention to the pressing need to strengthen the mental health workforce to care for the nation’s older adults.

Random Sample


Rachel L. Navarro, PhD

An assistant professor, clinician and NSF-funded researcher.

Promoting quality


Promoting quality

APA plays a key role in supporting excellence in education and training.

Ethical pitfalls

Psychologists can help improve the quality of education by pointing out the ways people fall prey to ethical blind spots.

The underserved

The Graduate Psychology Education program funds trainees to provide much-needed care.