The American Library Association's Choice magazine has named three APA publications — an electronic database, a nonfiction book and an addiction handbook — "Outstanding Academic Titles." In addition, the Jenkins Group and Independent Publisher magazine honored the APA Magination Press graphic novel "Chillax!" with its Gold Medal Moonbeam Children's Book Award.

The award winners are:

  • PsycTHERAPY, a video database of psychotherapy demonstrations developed for current and aspiring mental health practitioners. The database contains hundreds of streaming videos that can be searched, played, saved and studied. Professors and students can save clips to playlists to discuss with their classes. The videos are also being used in continuing education. "It's an interactive resource with many uses in education and training," says Ed Meidenbauer, APA's director of video media.
  • "Cop Watch: Spectators, Social Media, and Police Reform," by Hans Toch, PhD. Social psychologist Hans Toch, PhD, has studied criminal justice for more than 50 years. But Judy Nemes, the editorial manager of APA Books, says it's his writing style — in addition to his expertise — that makes "Cop Watch," a short historical analysis of citizen-police interactions, so readable. "Toch uses a combination of wit and humanity that's unusual in social science writing," she says. The book draws from Toch's research and observations of police-citizen interactions from the 1960s to today to show how crowds shape police practice, how the relationship between citizens and the police force has changed over time and how racial profiling remains a driving and destructive force.
  • "APA Addiction Syndrome Handbook," edited by Howard J. Shaffer, PhD, with Debi A. LaPlante, PhD, and Sarah E. Nelson, PhD. This handbook presents the pros and cons of the "addiction syndrome model," which views all addictions as different expressions of the same underlying issue, says Trish Mathis, a senior reference development editor at APA. "It's a pretty revolutionary idea in the field." The handbook compiles research and the expert viewpoints of more than 90 contributors and is geared toward a broad audience.
  • "Chillax!" This educational comic book about anger is the first graphic novel published by Magination Press, APA's publisher of children's books. The novel, aimed at children ages 9 to 13, tells the story of a boy struggling to control his anger. The book's lessons are evidence-based and can be used by parents, teachers and counselors. "It's a real trick to get scientifically supported guidance packaged in a way that kids want to read it, and it can be helpful to them," says Kristine Enderle, Magination Press's director.

—Anna Miller