As America moves rapidly toward a society in which non-Hispanic whites will be the minority population, psychology needs to do more to ensure that its workforce is prepared for our nation's burgeoning diversity. Toward that end, 2013 APA President Donald Bersoff, PhD, JD, has created an award to recognize graduate departments that successfully recruit and graduate strong numbers of doctoral students who are U.S. residents and are native to or from families native to other cultures and countries, including students from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. "My hope for this awards program is that it will not only recognize exemplary programs, but also create a means for programs to learn from each other about how to attract and retain students from other countries and current minority groups," says Bersoff.

A working group chaired by former APA President Melba J.T. Vasquez, PhD, will oversee the program. The working group, its members appointed by the APA governing boards for science, practice, education and public interest, will create the criteria for the award and will select the award winners. The specific award criteria will be announced on the APA website no later than Feb. 1.

Nominations, including self-nominations, are invited from departments with a clinical or research focus or both. Three departments will be recognized, each with a $2,500 award. Winning departments will be announced at APA's 2013 Annual Convention in Hawai'i.

Letters of nomination should be submitted no later than April 1 to Nancy Moore, PhD, Executive Director, Governance Affairs at APA. Nomination letters should describe the program's efforts to recruit and retain a diverse class of doctoral students and its success or lessons learned in those efforts.