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15 students conducting groundbreaking research, thanks to APF scholarships

In conjunction with the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology, APF awarded 15 annual scholarships for graduate student research. The following students are this year's recipients:

  • Amanda Venta of the University of Houston was awarded the $5,000 Harry and Miriam Levinson Scholarship to fund her dissertation, "The Effect of Oxytocin on Trust between Parents and Adolescents."
  • Erin Moran of the University of California, Berkeley, received the $5,000 William and Dorothy Bevan Scholarship for her work, "The Time Course of Emotion in Schizophrenia."
  • Timothy Jarome of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, received the Ruth G. and Joseph D. Matarazzo Scholarship and received $3,000 to support his project, "The Role of a PKA/CaMKII-Protein Degradation-GluR2 Pathway in Control of Memory Updating."
  • Erin Ward-Ciesielski of the University of Washington received $3,000 made possible by the Friedman-Klarreich Family Foundation, to conduct research on reducing suicide risk in individuals not receiving mental health treatment.
  • Stephanie Groman of the University of California, Los Angeles, received the $2,000 Clarence J. Rosecrans Scholarship to support work on her thesis, "Mechanistic Insight into the Relationship Between Cognitive Control and the Dopamine 02-like Receptor System."

The following students received $1,000 scholarships, including the Peter and Malina James and Dr. Louis P. James Legacy Scholarship, to support their research:

  • Justin Karr, University of Victoria (Peter and Malina James and Dr. Louis P. James Legacy Scholarship Recipient).
  • John Medaglia, Pennsylvania State University.
  • Kelly McWilliams, University of California, Davis.
  • Darya Zabelina, Northwestern University.
  • Lisham Ashrafioun, Bowling Green State University.
  • Daniel Kopala-Sibley, McGill University.
  • Emily Cogsdill, Harvard University.
  • Shayna Henry, University of California, Irvine.
  • Lauren Richmond, Temple University.
  • Lauren Margulieux, Georgia Institute of Technology.

For more information on the APF/COGDOP Graduate Research Scholarships, visit COGDOP online. The next deadline for applications is June 30.

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For more information on APF's grants and scholarships, please contact Parie Kadir, Program Officer, at (202) 336-5984.