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The increased likelihood of death from any cause among stroke survivors who develop depression compared with people who have not experienced a stroke or depression, according to a study to be presented this month at the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting.


Percentage of U.S. adults who have gone online to figure out a medical or health condition; of these, half followed up with a visit to a health-care professional, according to a 2013 report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.


Percentage of men who say they've fallen in love at first sight, according to a survey of almost 100,000 people around the world published in the book "The Normal Bar" (Crown Publishing Group, 2013). Only 28 percent of the women surveyed reported the same.

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How much more likely boys are than girls to be diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, according a study online in January's JAMA Pediatrics. The rates of overall diagnoses have jumped 24 percent since 2001.