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New funding opportunity: the John and Polly Sparks Early Career Grant

APF is partnering with the John and Polly Sparks Foundation to empower early career psychologists to conduct research and develop science-based programs in the area of early intervention and treatment for serious emotional disturbance in children.

The APF John and Polly Sparks Foundation Early Career Grant will award $10,000 to an early career psychologist conducting research with the potential for broad-based applications across the country. The deadline for applications is May 15.

Amodio receives the 2012 APF F.J. McGuigan Early Career Investigator Prize

David Amodio, PhD, an associate professor of psychology and neural science at New York University, is the recipient of the $25,000 F.J. McGuigan Early Career Investigator Prize.

Amodio directs the NYU Social Neuroscience Laboratory, where he studies the neural and psychological mechanisms of self-regulation — the process in which people act in accordance with their goals and beliefs, often in the context of nonconscious biases (such as implicit racial stereotypes) or strong emotions (such as anxiety and guilt). Amodio also investigates the effect discrimination has on the biological stress response and immune function as a way to understand and reduce racial disparities in health.

The prize provides support for research oriented toward advancing a unified conception of brain and behavior, primarily — but not exclusively — in the psychophysiological area.

Inspiring careers in psychology: APF's 2012 pre-college grant

Most high school students have few opportunities to learn more about potential psychology careers. Now, thanks to a Pre-college Psychology Grant from the American Psychological Foundation, a group of Massachusetts high school students will.

APF has given Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, Mass., $19,900 for its Careers in Psychology Project, which exposes gifted high school students to the field of psychology and the range of career options it offers.

Building on the college's existing introduction to psychology class, the college will recruit 60 additional high school students from north central Massachusetts to a second offering of introduction to psychology and to a higher-level class on human growth and development. Both courses will include a career component that will illustrate the breadth of career choices available to psychology majors, such as clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist, executive coach or sport psychologist.

The deadline for applications is May 1.

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