Two psychology-related exhibits will open at the Exploratorium in San Francisco this month in the famed science museum's new digs at Pier 15 on the city's waterfront.

The first exhibit, "The Science of Sharing," will lead visitors through interactions and activities that highlight social psychology principles related to competition, cooperation and resource sharing. In one, for example, visitors can participate in a "fishing" video game in which they compete to catch fish — but if too many fish are caught, then the fish population collapses. Such exhibits will help visitors understand the role human behavior plays in global problems like climate change and arms races, says psychologist Hugh McDonald, PhD, a curator of the exhibit.

In the temporary "The Changing Face of What Is Normal" exhibition (on display through April 2014), the museum explores the idea that what we consider "normal" changes with time and culture. The exhibit will look at the controversies involved in the development of the DSM-5. It will also include an exhibition of personal items from patients at the Willard State Hospital, a decommissioned mental institution.

—Lea Winerman