American Psychological Foundation

Katherine J. Bangen of the University of California, San Diego, received a $2,500 APF Benton-Meier Scholarship in 2009 to complete and defend her dissertation on using fMRI to assess the risk for Alzheimer's disease. That work revealed that several biomarkers may be useful in detecting and monitoring dementia in people with pre-clinical Alzheimer's disease.

These findings could also be helpful in assessing the effectiveness of potential treatments. Her work was recognized by the International Neuropsychological Society's Nelson Butters Award for the best research submission by a postdoctoral fellow.

Bangen believes her research would not have been as successful without APF's help.

"The funds allowed the opportunity to attend the [2010 and 2011] International Neuropsychological Society Annual Meetings [where] I presented portions of my dissertation data and received very useful feedback from colleagues from all over the world," she says. "The APF-funded work has inspired my current line of work and has had a great impact on my short- and long-term career goals."

In 2012, one of her manuscripts was published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. "I remain extremely grateful to APF for the funds that allowed me to complete my dissertation and shape my current research interests," Bangen says.