Q1: How do you envision an APA that both embraces its considerable history and reinvents itself in order to remain relevant for 21st-century psychologists?

Greater relevance for our association will come not from re-invention, but rather from re-dedication — re-dedication to supporting the many APA members who in their professional lives work hard to promote individual welfare and to advance the social good. As practitioners committed to helping our clients surmount obstacles, as teachers building the knowledge base and critical-thinking skills of our students, and as researchers pursuing new avenues for better understanding the complexities of human behavior, all of us will benefit from membership in an APA that brings us together, enables us to inspire each other and advocates on our behalf.

Q2: Although the public is often fascinated by human behavior, it does not always view psychology as a science. What are your ideas for making APA the go-to place for the public to get information about the science of human behavior and its applications?

APA can best promote psychological science by supporting authentically good and relevant work, by ensuring that research findings are communicated in an honest and accessible manner and by truly prioritizing the advancement of human welfare. We are losing our position as the "go-to" place for those who are discerning and curious about human behavior because APA has unwisely embraced the rhetoric and jargon of commercial and popular values and the marketing associated with them. Instead, we should engage the public by highlighting research that, conducted with dedication and integrity, serves to illuminate the diverse complexity that is human psychology. Reisner for President website.