Beginning this month and continuing through the September Monitor, the five candidates for APA's 2015 president are answering two questions of concern to psychology. Balloting begins Sept. 16 and the election closes Oct. 31. For biographical information on each candidate and the candidates' election statements, see the May Monitor.

  • Q1: How do you envision an APA that both embraces its considerable history and reinvents itself in order to remain relevant for 21st-century psychologists?

  • Q2: Although the public is often fascinated by human behavior, it does not always view psychology as a science. What are your ideas for making APA the go-to place for the public to get information about the science of human behavior and its applications?

In addition to these questions, the candidates will be asked to answer two questions about the American Psychological Association Practice Organization. The answers to those questions will appear at APA Practice Central in July.