June 2013 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 44 No. 6

June 2013 Monitor on Psychology

Breaking free from addiction

  • Breaking free from addiction

    Researchers have developed effective behavioral and pharmaceutical therapies to treat addiction — but addiction treatment practice hasn't caught up with the science. What can psychologists do to help?

Smoking and mental illness


Smoking and mental illness

People with behavioral health conditions are more likely to smoke. Psychologists are among those working to understand why and helping them quit.

Dr. Kristina J. McGuire (credit: Mel Evans)


A cardiac psychologist in action

Kristina J. McGuire prevents unnecessary re-hospitalizations through intensive case management.



It’s all in our heads

Consciousness has long been the province of philosophers and mystics, but Michael Graziano is putting it in its scientific place.

‘Subjective well-being' measures gain international clout.


Measures of success

‘Subjective well-being' measures gain international clout.

Different skills, same team

The evolving health-care marketplace has propelled interdisciplinary practice. What skills do psychologists need to succeed as team players in this shifting landscape?

Minding the heart

New research is homing in on the psychological interventions that can prevent cardiac events, the psychological risk factors that affect heart health and much more.

Social life

By embracing social media, APA is reaching new audiences.

Divisions bring APA members together

APA’s divisions highlight some of their top programs for the association’s 2013 Annual Convention, July 31–Aug. 4. All are welcome!

Examining the effects of group influences

The incoming editor of Group Dynamics welcomes more research on group therapy outcomes and groups in the context of forensic and criminal justice.

Redefining recovery

APA's Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal aims to enlist more psychologists in the movement toward helping people with serious mental illnesses live full and meaningful lives.

APA acquires Psychologist-Manager Journal

The new ownership paves the way for more practice content and a wider range of contributors, say its editors.

Candidates express their views

The five candidates for APA's 2015 president answer two questions of concern to psychology.

Random Sample


JoAnne Pedro-Carroll, PhD

Author, speaker, practitioner and 'Sesame Street' neighbor.