From the CEO

While APA has numerous programs aimed at helping children, one of our most far-reaching is APA's children's books imprint, Magination Press. Housed within APA's Books Department, Magination Press offers 165 self-help books for children and adolescents to guide them in dealing with life's toughest challenges. Our best seller, "What to Do When You Worry Too Much," helps children overcome anxiety. Other popular titles include "A Terrible Thing Happened," aimed at helping children who have witnessed violence or trauma and "Ben's Flying Flowers," which helps children cope with the death of a sibling. Other titles tackle everyday challenges, such as learning how to be a good sport ("Sally Sore Loser"), how to raise self-esteem ("I Want Your Moo") and how to be polite ("I Can't Do Anything!").

Magination Press offers 165 selfhelp books for children and adolescents to guide them in dealing with life’s toughest challenges.Beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written, our titles for children and adolescents are research-based and carefully crafted to show young readers they aren't alone in facing even the most daunting of problems. Magination Press designs its books to empower children and teens to help themselves, offering practical tips and strategies they can use to calm their fears and manage their stress. Children often have their first experience with these books in the offices of our members, many of whom read these stories aloud with their young patients to broach such tough topics as sexual abuse or the death of a parent.

These books are also designed to inspire and encourage parents. Each Magination Press book includes a "Note to Parents and Other Caregivers" that offers research-based information, as well as specific suggestions on how to help their child and advice on when to seek help from a mental health professional.

Most of our Magination Press books are written by members. Each year, we receive 1,200 manuscripts for consideration, but select only 12 for publication. An advisory board of seven psychologists helps our staff vet the 30 or 40 best manuscripts, searching for tales that are sensitive and developmentally appropriate, and have therapeutic value. Once a story is selected, our staff and authors work closely with illustrators to bring the words to life on the page.

When each new book hits the shelves, our Magination Press authors work with APA staff to get them to the children they can help the most, with many participating in readings and book signings for children at libraries and schools, and speaking to parent and advocacy groups and with local and national media. Our marketing department promotes our books not only to our members, but to social workers, pediatricians, bookstores and to the library market through Booklist Magazine and School Library Journal. Most of our publications have also been translated into at least one foreign language, and soon all of our Magination Press titles will also be available as e-books.

We are particularly proud of the heartwarming praise we receive for Magination Press books. Parents, educators, mental health professionals and children and teens all over the country repeatedly tell us how these books have helped them or the children they work with. The children's publishing industry has also taken note of our work: Ten of our books earned top publishing honors in 2012 and 2013, including "Ben's Flying Flowers," which won a 2013 Nautilus Silver Medal. Our staff has a saying about Magination's popularity, "Once people discover us, we have a friend for life."

Children have a natural love for stories and I am proud that APA is so successfully tapping into storytelling to provide a valuable service for children, their parents and, indirectly, our members. To learn more about Magination Press, browse our titles and follow Magination Press on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Happy reading.