The latest issue of gradPSYCH, APA's magazine for psychology students, is available online.

This issue features:

  • Feel like a fraud? You are not alone. Many psychology graduate students experience such doubts.
  • Dissertation diaries. Follow along as four students narrate the ups and downs of their dissertations through video diaries.
  • Help! My dissertation has taken over my life.
    Six experts offer advice on how to approach your dissertation without giving up your friends, family or sanity.
  • Putting the psychology in policy
    Psychologist Daniela Ligiero advises U.S. government initiatives to fight HIV/AIDS globally.
  • Why me? Why now?
    When a medical emergency strikes in grad school, juggling health care and classwork can take a physical, mental and academic toll. Here's how to deal.
  • Just say no
    Graduate students are bombarded with"shoulds." When and how do you say no?
  • A crushing burden. Psychology graduate students are graduating with huge student loan debts. APA and APAGS are working to help.