The number of health-care associations, including APA, that endorsed a consensus statement on ways to recognize and refer college student athletes with psychological concerns (Journal of Athletic Training, September/October).


Percentage of high school seniors who "extreme binge drink," or consume 10 or more drinks in a row, according to a study in JAMA Pediatrics. Of the more than 16,000 seniors surveyed, 5.6 percent reported consuming 15 or more drinks in a row in the prior two weeks.


Percentage of Americans who blame the mental health system "a great deal" for mass shootings in the United States, making it the perceived top cause of mass shootings, according to a Gallup poll conducted after the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard shooting in September.


Percentage of children ages 2 to 5 with psychiatric disorders, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, who were prescribed medication between 2006 and 2009, according to a study in Pediatrics. That's down from 43 percent in 1994–97.