American Psychological Foundation

In honor of…

2013 NMCS Coordinators
In honor of the 2013 NMCS Coordinators

Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble
In honor of the women of the McLeod, Breland, Whitman families

Patricia A. Bresky, PhD
In honor of Martha Stark, MD
In honor of Ara Bry Penman

Charles L. Brewer, PhD
In honor of Wayne Weiten

Dr. Laura S. Brown
In honor of Florence Denmark
In honor of Nancy Felipe Russo

Ms. Barbara Calkins, MA, MSW
In honor of William C. Howell, PhD

Dr. Linda Campbell
In respect and appreciation for Dr. Melba Vasquez
In respect and appreciation for Dr. Dorothy Cantor
In respect and appreciation for Dr. Matty Canter

Dr. Edward Castaneda
In honor of Joe Martinez and James Townsel for their unequaled effort to improve opportunities for underrepresented populations in neuroscience and psychology

Dr. Angela Cole
In honor of Oscar Jackson Cole Sr.

Dr. Stewart Cooper
In honor of mentors and colleagues

Professor Arthur A. Dole
In honor of Dr. Peter Reese

EBSCO Industries, Inc.
In recognition of the APA Publications and Databases Program

Dr. Kimberly A. Gorgens
In honor of Nadine's world take-over!

Dr. Gloria B. Gottsegen
In honor of Dr. Herbert Furash

Lisa Grossman, JD, PhD
In honor of Lynn Pantano

Dr. Manuel G. Howat
In honor of a demonstration of practicality by greater tolerance for use of information

Dr. Joseph Keawe'aimoku Kaholokula
In honor of Lawrence Pauahi Kaholokula

Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD
In honor of Dr. Florence Kaslow and Mr. Solis Kaslow

Dr. Jean King
In honor and in memory of Dr. Domingo Rivera

Dr. Gerald P. and Mrs. Robin C. Koocher
In honor of Irv Weiner and in thanks for his generous support of APF

The Graduating Class of 2013, Ferkauf School of Psychology, Yeshiva University
In honor of Dr. Abe Givner, in gratitude for your guidance, support, and behind-the-scenes advocacy that helped us to reach this point

Drs. Janet and Lee Matthews
In honor of the original BOW-WOW women- Connie, Deborah, Fran, Janet, Lilli, Linda, Loretta, Lynn & Mae

Dolores O. Morris, PhD
In honor of Olivia J. Hooker, PhD

Edith D. Neimark, PhD
In honor of Albert E. Goss's 90th birthday
In honor of the 87th birthday of Violet Franks and the 90th birthday of Cyril Franks

Dr. Carole A. Rayburn
In honor of Candy Won and Minnie Williams for their continual terrific work in the Convention Office, all-over knowledge and organizational skills, and caring about and sensitivity to our members

Dr. Richard Ruth and Mr. James North
In honor of Dr. Dorothy Evans Holmes

Dr. Sandra L. Shullman
In honor of the faculty of the LIWP

Dr. Karen Siegel
In honor of Dr. O. Bernard Liebman, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Louise Bordeaux Silverstein
In honor of Noah David Silverstein Hines

Ms. Elisabeth R. Straus
In honor of Doug Kimmel and Ron Schwizer

Mr. Kurt Weissling
In honor of Dr. Raymond Weiss

In memory of…

APA Division 29 - Psychotherapy
In memory of Thelma Roberson Greene, beloved mother of APA member and Division 29 Board member Beverly Greene, PhD

Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble
In memory of Mattie M. Breland
In memory of Flora McLeod
In memory of Whitman Chapman
In memory of Lionel Noble

Dr. Andrae L. Brown
In memory of Rev. James T. Brown

Robert A. Brown, PhD
In memory of Sue Taylor Brown, 1939-2013
In memory of Lynn Pantano, PhD
In memory of Irwin Goldstein
In memory of Bruce Fretz

Dr. Linda Campbell
In memory of the mother of Beverly Greene
In memory of our dear Dr. Norine Johnson

Dr. Mathilda B. Canter
In memory of Lynn Pantano
In memory of Dr. Aaron H. Canter
In memory of Dr. Charlie Spielberger

Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD
In memory of Larry Wasserman's beloved wife, Myrna
In memory of Charlie Spielberger

Dr. Maury T. Carlin
In memory of Alex Rosen

Dr. Joan Chrisler
In memory of Dr. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

Dr. Helen L. Coons
In memory of Dr. Ellen Garrison's father

Ms. Linda Doerman
In memory of those who died in the Moore, Okla., tornado in May 2013.

Frank Farley, PhD
In memory of Sonja Farley

Drs. Seymour and Norma D. Feshbach
In memory of Jonathan Bloom-Feshbach
In memory of Herbert Moskowitz

Dr. Raymond D. and Mrs. Sandra Fowler
In tribute to one of Ray's oldest and dearest friends, Dr. Charles Spielberger

Dr. William Fried
In memory of Johanna Tabin, PhD, ABPP

Carol D. Goodheart, EdD
In memory of Charles Spielberger

Albert E. Goss
In memory of Theodore R. Vallance

Lisa Grossman, JD, PhD
In memory of Lynn Pantano

Dr. Marvin Hersko
In memory of Mrs. Barbara Hersko

Barry Hong, PhD
In memory of Professor Robert J. Hong

Dr. John F. House
In memory of Manfred Meier, PhD

Dr. Maureen E. Lyon
In memory of Helen Theresa Sherry

Robert L. Mapou, PhD
In memory of David Freides, PhD

Drs. Ruth G. and Joseph D. Matarazzo
In memory of Charles Holman

Drs. Janet and Lee Matthews
In memory of Dr. Lynn T. Pantano

Dr. Peter F. Merenda
In memory of Leonore Adler
In memory of Bob Perloff
In memory of Charlie Spielberger

Dr. Paul D. Nelson
In memory of Walter L. Wilkins
In memory of Charles D. Spielberger

Dr. Slater E. and Mrs. Patricia T. Newman
In memory of Professor Benton J. Underwood

North Family
In loving memory of George E. North, PhD, member of APA for over 50 years

Dr. Rudy V. Nydegger
In memory of William Howell

Dr. Mary Ellen Olbrisch
In memory of Dr. Maria Devens

Dr. J. B. Overmier
In memory of Charles Spielberger

Dr. James Campbell and Mrs. Sheri Quick
In memory of Charles Spielberger

Dr. Carole A. Rayburn
In memory of Dr. Bob Perloff: statesperson, wordsmith, all-around caring individual, and total mensch. Bob, we will miss you and will try to comfort Evelyn.
In memory of Dr. Noach Milgram, a fine psychologist and a true mensch. We will miss him greatly.

Dr. Beth Rom-Rymer
In memory of my parents, Dorothy and Irving Rom

Dr. Judy F. Rosenblith
In memory of Drs. Pat and Robert Sears, beloved mentors and each a pioneer. Bob's learning theory is too much neglected in current psychology.

Ms. Elisabeth R. Straus
In memory of Robert Perloff
In memory of Charlie Spielberger
In memory of Susan McDaniel's mother

Mrs. Barbara Sugarman
In memory of Dr. Al Rabinowitz

Dr. W. Bruce Walsh
In memory of John L. Holland

Dr. Lawrence S. Wrightsman Jr.
In memory of Howard Rosenfeld

Dr. Ronald D. Wynne
In memory of Fr. John Stafford, PhD