• The Tyler Clementi Foundation honored Paul Boskind, PhD, at its first annual Upstander Legacy Celebration in November. The foundation advocates for acceptance and safe environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. Boskind is the chief executive officer and owner of Deer Oaks, a San Antonio-based behavioral health organization. He is also an advocate for LGBT rights, serving on the boards of many national equality organizations, and the Tony-award-winning producer of the AIDS drama, "The Normal Heart."
  • James R. Cook, PhD, is the inaugural winner of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Provost's Faculty Award for Community Engagement. The award honors a tenured faculty member whose teaching, research and service embody the university's commitment to civic involvement and whose work strengthens the relationship between UNC Charlotte and the community. Cook is a community psychologist and a former president of Div. 27 (Society for Community Research and Action).
  • The Cognitive Neuroscience Society has awarded Jon Kaas, PhD, the 2014 George A. Miller award. The prize is given annually for distinguished and sustained cutting-edge research that has revolutionized cognitive neuroscience or has the potential to do so. Kaas is the distinguished centennial professor of psychology at Vanderbilt University.
  • George Koob, PhD, is the new director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Koob is professor and chair of the Committee on the Neurobiology of Addictive Disorders and director of the Alcohol Research Center at The Scripps Research Institute, California campus. An expert on the neurobiology of drug and alcohol addiction, Koob's research has focused on the neurocircuitry associated with the acute reinforcing effects of addictive drugs and more recently on the neuroadaptations of the reward and stress circuits that are associated with drug and alcohol dependence.
  • The International Neuropsychiatric Association awarded Steven Pinker, PhD, its Ramon y Cajal Award for his contribution to neuroscience with an application to neuropsychiatry. Pinker is the Johnson Family professor in Harvard University's psychology department, where he studies language and cognition.
  • The Manhattan Institute awarded Barbara Van Dahlen, PhD, a $25,000 Richard C. Cornuelle Award for Innovation in Social Entrepreneurship for her nonprofit organization Give an Hour, the national network of volunteer mental health providers that offers free services to members of the military, their families and veterans. Van Dahlen launched the network in 2005, and it now includes 7,000 volunteers who have provided 95,000 hours of care and service.