Division Spotlight

Div. 1 seeks award nominations

Div. 1 (Society for General Psychology) is accepting nominations for its 2014 awards. Winners will give a presentation at the 2015 APA Annual Convention in Denver, and will receive a certificate, a medal and a $1,500 prize ($1,000 prize for the Arthur W. Staats Lecture award) at their address.

  • The William James Book Award, which honors a recent book that furthers the goals of the division and highlights efforts to bring together diverse subfields of psychology and related disciplines.
  • The Ernest R. Hilgard Award for a Career Contribution to General Psychology, which recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the division's ideals and mission.
  • The George A. Miller Award for an Outstanding Recent Article in General Psychology, which recognizes a recent paper that contributes to the division's ideals and mission.
  • The Arthur W. Staats Lecture for Unifying Psychology honors an individual who has made contributions toward integrating psychology's diverse subfields.

The division also seeks nominations for the Anne Anastasi General Psychology Graduate Student Awards, which recognize two outstanding students (one in the first two years of graduate work and one who has completed two years of graduate work) based on their vitae and research plans, plus a supporting letter from an advisor. The winner will receive a $300 prize.

For more information on each award, visit Division 1. Nominations and supporting materials are due Feb. 15. Self-nominations are welcome.

Attend the Div. 13 meeting on ‘high-stakes' consulting

Div. 13 (Society of Consulting Psychology) will host its annual conference on the theme "High-Stakes Consulting and Coaching," the consulting and executive coaching that makes a substantive impact on people and their organizations, such as advising businesses that may be reeling from natural disasters. The conference is set for Feb. 6–9 in San Antonio. The division offers several levels of registration and discounts to division members, students and early career psychologists. Register and learn more online.

Register for annual SIOP meeting in Honolulu

Div. 14 (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology—SIOP) will host its 29th annual conference on May 15–17 in Honolulu. The conference will feature more than 300 presentations by researchers, teachers and practitioners, including TED-style talks on ways to expand industrial-organizational psychology by connecting with new areas or approaches. The meeting will also feature special sessions on such topics as East-West science and opportunities for continuing-education credit.

For registration and additional information, go to SIOP. For tips and resources that can help you earn approval from your organization to attend the meeting, visit the Opportunity Toolkit.

Div. 15 offers free first year

Div. 15 (Educational) is offering free membership for all first-time enrollees. Membership includes a digital subscription to the journal Educational Psychologist, a subscription to Div. 15's Newsletter for Educational Psychologists and a weekly email digest of educational psychology news.

Div. 15 members may also apply for approximately $50,000 in annual grants and awards, and submit proposals to present at APA's Annual Convention. Learn more online or contact Wade George.

Div. 17 leads initiative to implement prevention guidelines

Div. 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) is leading the effort to implement the Guidelines for Prevention in Psychology. The guidelines were approved in February 2013 by APA's Council of Representatives and published in The American Psychologist. Divs. 17, 27 (Society for Community Research and Action), 49 (Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy) and several other divisions are creating a plan to disseminate the guidelines and help psychologists implement them in science and practice. Division representatives will meet during APA's 2014 Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., to finalize the plan and hold a pre-conference Prevention Guidelines workshop. To learn how to apply the Guidelines for Prevention in Psychology to your own research or practice, visit "An Ounce of Prevention". To get involved, contact John Romano, PhD or Sally Hage.

Submit a proposal for Div. 36 midyear conference

Div. 36 (Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality) is accepting proposals for its 12th Annual Mid-year Conference on Religion and Spirituality, April 25–26, at Biola University in La Mirada, Calif.

For information on how to format proposals for abstracts, posters and symposiums, contact Teri Wilkins. Registrants must register and pay for the conference when they submit a proposal. The division will refund applicants who decide not to attend the conference if their proposals are not selected.

For information about the meeting, contact Conference Coordinator Desiree Silva.

Recognize a member of Div. 46

Div. 46 (Society for Media Psychology and Technology) welcomes nominations for its 2014 awards:

  • The Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to Media Psychology and Technology Award, which recognizes a sustained body of work that has had a major impact on the public and the profession of media psychology and technology.
  • The Distinguished Applied Contributions to Media Psychology and Technology Award, which recognizes outstanding applied contributions to media psychology and technology. Nominees must have earned their doctorate 10 or more years prior to applying.
  • The Early Career Applied/Research Contributions to Media Psychology and Technology Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of media psychology and technology during the first seven years postdoctorate. 
  • The Student Dissertation/Research Award, which honors outstanding research related to any form of media and technology including Internet, radio, television, print research/applications, multimedia telecommunications, virtual reality, distance learning, telepsychology services and product development. The award includes a $200 stipend and one free year of Div. 46 membership. Applicants must be graduating from a doctoral program and have completed their dissertation between January 2012 and December 2013.

To nominate, send a letter highlighting the nominee's research, publications, teaching, training, leadership and other relevant information and the nominee's curriculum vitae. Send nominations to Awards Committee Chair Mary Alvord, PhD.

Div. 3 honors early career scientists

Div. 3 (Experimental) has partnered with the Psychonomic Society and the Comparative Cognition Society to honor two early career scientists for their exceptional work. Julie Hughes of Rice University won the APA Div. 3 Award for Best 2013 Psychonomic Society Poster for her work on facilitation and interference in naming. Audrey Parrish of Georgia State University won the Best Early Career Presentation at the fall meeting of the Comparative Cognition Society for her work on chimpanezees' token transfer with social partners in a self-control task. The winners accepted their awards during the annual meetings of the Psychonomic Society and Comparative Cognition Society, each held Nov. 14–16 in Toronto. For information on next year's awards, contact Edelyn Verona.