And the winners of last fall's election are:

Committee on Structure and Function of Council: Martha E. Banks, PhD, and Joseph J. Coyne, PhD.

Finance Committee: Rosie Phillips Bingham, PhD, and Beth N. Rom-Rymer, PhD.

Ethics Committee: Mary A. Connell, EdD (family conflicts and child custody and protection); Christina Harms, JD (public member); and Linda K. Knauss, PhD (testing and assessment/neuropsychology).

Membership Board: Rachel Casas, PhD (early career psychologist); Stephanie A. Shields, PhD (STEM); and Jeannette L. Johnson, PhD (practice/state, provincial and territorial psychological associations).

Policy and Planning Board: Ali M. Mattu, PhD (early career psychologist); Douglas C. Haldeman, PhD; and Melba J. T. Vasquez, PhD.

Publications and Communications Board: Annette M. La Greca, PhD.

Committee on International Relations in Psychology: Melissa L. Morgan Consoli, PhD (humanitarian/social justice research); Rehman Y. Abdulrehman, PhD (global health); and Arpana G. Inman, PhD (psychology training/international).

Board of Educational Affairs: Erica H. Wise, PhD (graduate, postdoctoral, continuing education and lifelong education and training); Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD (precollege and undergraduate education); Tammy L. Hughes, PhD (application of psychology to educational processes and the role of psychology in school systems); and David Lubinski, PhD (Board of Scientific Affairs).

Board of Professional Affairs: Linda A. Reddy, PhD (school psychology); Celiane M. Rey-Casserly, PhD (psychological testing and assessment); and Antonette M. Zeiss, PhD (institutional/public sector practice).

Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice: Elena J. Eisman, EdD (health care/expanded practice); Judith E. Patterson, PhD (large group practice management/administrative experience); and Lindsey R. Buckman, PsyD (early career practitioner).

Board of Scientific Affairs: Robert W. Proctor, PhD (applied experimental psychology/human factors/methodology/statistics); Linda P. Spear, PhD (behavioral/developmental neuroscience/comparative psychology); and Bonnie J. Spring, PhD (health psychology/public health).

Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest: Gary W. Harper, PhD (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender); Gayle Morse, PhD (Native American/American Indian); and Elizabeth M. Vera, PhD (Latina/o).

Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology: Steven M. Tovian, PhD (Board of Educational Affairs); Jeffery S. Mio, PhD (Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest); and Roberta L. Nutt, PhD (Board of Professional Affairs/ Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice).

Committee on Rural Health: Jameson K. Hirsch, PhD (suicide prevention and intervention); Iva GreyWolf, PhD (cultural, ethnic and linguistic minorities), and Teri L. Strong, PhD (primary-care setting and/or prescriptive authority).