Southeastern Psychological Association

March 5–8, Nashville, Tenn.

This year's invited speakers include:

  • John Bohannon, III, PhD, Butler University, on "Sex, Kisses and Car Crashes: Evidence of Adaptive Memory."
  • Jared W. Keeley, PhD, Mississippi State University, on "DSM-5 and ICD-11: Why You Should Care About Psychiatric Classification."
  • Everett Worthington Jr., PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University, on "What's Left to Do in Basic and Applied Research on Forgiveness."
  • Matthew T. Feldner, PhD, University of Arkansas and the Laureate Institute for Brain Research, will deliver the American Psychological Association G. Stanley Hall Lecture on "Co-morbidity in Psychology: Moving from a Footnote to the Foreground."

In addition, Psi Chi's student programming features:

  • Tara Collins, PhD, Winthrop University, will present "Graduate School Talk: Long-term Preparation Strategies."
  • Steven Berman, PhD, University of Central Florida–Daytona Campus, will present "Graduate School Talk II: "I Am Applying This Semester."
  • Amanda Nickerson, PhD, University of Buffalo, will present the Psi Chi Distinguished Lecture on "Bullying: Preventing, Spotting and Stopping It."
  • Christy Wright, Dave Ramsey Leadership Institute, will present the Psi Chi Leadership Session about the importance of prioritizing and achieving balance for leaders.

In addition, Psi Chi, Psi Beta, and CEPO are collaborating on a session about undergraduate research and publishing. And Darren Ritzer, PhD, Winthrop University, will host the second annual diversity quiz bowl.

Eastern Psychological Association

March 13–16, Boston

Among the highlights of this year's conference is the invited symposium "The Human Capacity for Language — Design, Regenesis and Evolution," with Iris Berent, PhD, Northeastern University, Susan Goldin-Meadow, PhD, University of Chicago, and Steven Pinker, PhD, Harvard University.

Other programs include:

  • Steven Pinker, PhD, on "The Sense of Style: Why Academic Writing is so Bad, and How to Make It Better."
  • The APA Distinguished Scientist Address by Daniel J. Simons, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, on "Missing What's Missing."
  • The Keller Award Distinguished Lecture by Edward A. Wasserman, PhD, University of Iowa, on "From Keller and Schoenfeld to Concepts and Categories."
  • A Presidential Integrative Symposium on "Categorization — Insights from Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, and Comparative Psychology," featuring Earl K. Miller, PhD, MIT, Aude Oliva, PhD, MIT, Paul C. Quinn, PhD, University of Delaware, and Edward A. Wasserman, PhD, University of Iowa.
  • Elaine Walker, PhD, Emory University, on "Adolescent Neurodevelopment and the Bio-behavioral Expression of Vulnerability for Psychosis."
  • John Bargh, PhD, Yale University, on "Embodied Social Cognition via Conceptual Scaffolding."
  • A Presidential Symposium: "Closing the ‘Gap': Advances in Animal Cognition," with Irene M. Pepperberg, PhD, Harvard University, Diana Reiss, PhD, Hunter College, City University of New York, Robert Cook, PhD, Tufts University, and Alexandra G. Rosati, PhD, Yale University.
  • B.J. Casey, PhD, Weill Cornell Medical College, on "Development of Fear: Evidence from Mouse to Human."
  • The Psi Chi/EPA Invited Keynote Address by Anthony Greenwald, PhD, University of Washington, on "How ‘Hidden Biases of Good People' Produce Discrimination."
  • A Psi Chi special symposium on crowdsourcing research with a particular emphasis on the Psi Chi and Psi Beta sponsored research projects.
  • Psi Chi workshops on "Getting Into Graduate School," "What Can You Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology?" and an orientation for students new to conferences, "Psychology Conferences 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Conference Attendance."

Southwestern Psychological Association

April 3–5, San Antonio

The theme for this year's conference is "Consciousness, the Final Frontier." Keynote speakers include:

  • Russell Hurlburt, PhD, University of Nevada–Las Vegas, on "Randomly Sampling Inner Experience: fMRI Validation, Clinical Results and Developmental Speculations."
  • Michelle Montague, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, on "Awareness of Awareness."
  • Galen Strawson, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, on "Consciousness in the 20th Century."
  • Michael Tye, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, on "Do Fish Have Feelings?"
  • Elizabeth Loftus, PhD, University of California, Irvine, on "False Memories In and Out of Court."
  • Rachel Herz, PhD, Brown University, an internationally known expert on olfaction and emotion, who is the Psi Chi Distinguished Lecturer.

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association

April 24–26, Salt Lake City

Among this year's highlights are:

  • The Portenier-Wertheimer Teaching Conference, held on Thursday, April 24.
  • Dana Dunn, PhD, Moravian College, will serve as the Teaching Conference Keynote Speaker.
  • Daniel Schacter, PhD, Harvard professor and National Academy of Sciences member, is the meeting's kickoff speaker.
  • Brad Bushman, PhD, the Margaret Hall and Robert Randal Rinehart Chair of Mass Communication Professor at The Ohio State University, will deliver the RMPA alumni address.
  • David Matsumoto, PhD, San Francisco State University, is the invited diversity speaker.
  • Robert Bjork, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, will deliver the Ellis-Battig Lecture.
  • Barney Beins, PhD, Ithaca College, will present the APA Harry Kirke Wolfe Lecture.
  • RMPA and the Utah Psychological Association are co-sponsoring a six-hour continuing-education program on April 24 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Lisa Diamond, PhD, University of Utah, will conduct a workshop related to her research interests in affectional bonds and human sexuality.
  • Psi Chi has arranged student-oriented workshops and leadership seminars to run concurrently with the teaching preconference.
  • Skip Beck, PhD, Appalachian State University, will deliver the Psi Chi Distinguished Speaker address on the real story of Little Albert of the John Watson experiments.

Western Psychological Association

April 24–27, Portland, Ore.

The Western Psychological Association (WPA) meeting features more than 30 distinguished speakers and invited symposia in addition to the Terman Teaching Conference on April 23, statistics workshops and the WPA Film Festival. Among the highlights are:

  • WPA presidential address by Victoria M. Follette, PhD, University of Nevada, Reno.
  • The APA G. Stanley Hall Address by Lisa Diamond, PhD, University of Utah, co-sponsored by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.
  • The Psi Chi Distinguished Speaker will be Morton Ann Gernsbacher, PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Special keynote addresses will be delivered by:

  • Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD, the Heroic Imagination Project.
  • Stanley Coren, PhD, University of British Columbia.

WPA award addresses will be delivered by:

  • Stanley Sue, PhD, Palo Alto University (Life Achievement).
  • Melinda Blackman, PhD, California State University, Fullerton (Teaching).
  • Bettina J. Casad, PhD, of the University of Missouri–St. Louis (Early Career Research).
  • Anthony Biglan, PhD, of the Oregon Research Institute (Social Responsibility).

Other distinguished speakers include: John Boyd, PhD, of Google; Scott C. Bates, PhD, Utah State University; Delia Saenz, PhD, of Arizona State University; Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD, Boston Children's Hospital; Dare Baldwin, PhD, University of Oregon; Frank Bernieri, PhD, Oregon State University; Robert Biswas-Diener, PhD, Portland State University; Mark Costanzo, PhD, Claremont McKenna College; William Crano, PhD, Claremont Graduate University; Stewart I. Donaldson, PhD, Claremont Graduate University; Kurt A. Freeman, PhD, Oregon Health and Science University; Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD, University of Oregon; Shelly Gable, PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara; Glenn Geher, PhD, State University of New York at New Paltz; Gordon Hall, PhD, University of Oregon; Diane Halpern, PhD, Claremont McKenna College; Leslie Hammer, PhD, Portland State University; Steven C. Hayes, PhD, University of Nevada, Reno; Ira E. Hyman, Jr., PhD, Western Washington University; R. Eric Landrum, PhD, Boise State University; Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, University of California, Riverside; Azim Shariff, PhD, University of Oregon; Michael Steger, PhD, Colorado State University; Sue Frantz, Highline Community College; Eric Stice, PhD, Oregon Research Institute; Phil Watkins, PhD, Eastern Washington University; and Michael Webster, PhD, University of Nevada, Reno.

The statistics workshops will feature:

  • Andrew Ainsworth, PhD, California State University at Northridge, on "Introduction to Item Response Theory."
  • Kathleen Preston, PhD, California State University at Fullerton, "Advanced Topics in IRT: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Each Response Option with the Nominal Response Model."
  • Sanjay Srivastava, PhD, University of Oregon, on "Growth Curve Modeling with Latent Variables."
  • Chris Aberson, PhD, Humboldt State University, on "Multiple Regression: Assumptions, Analyses, and Presentation."

Midwestern Psychological Association

May 1–3, Chicago

The Midwestern Psychological Association Meeting will feature papers, posters, workshops and discussion sessions from researchers across the Midwest and around the world. Submissions to the 2014 meeting reached a record number. This year's invited speakers include:

  • John Bargh, PhD, Yale University.
  • Aaron Benjamin, PhD, University of Illinois.
  • Edward Diener, PhD, University of Illinois.
  • Sandra Graham, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles.
  • Janet Hyde, PhD, University of Wisconsin.
  • Margo Monteith, PhD, Purdue University.
  • Sandra Murray, PhD, University at Buffalo.

MPA will also offer the following research methods and statistics workshops:

  • Andrew Hayes, PhD, Ohio State University, on "Mediation and Moderation Analysis."
  • Michelle Hebl, PhD, Rice University, on "Thinking Outside the Subject Pool."
  • Rick Hoyle, PhD, Duke University, on "Structural Equation Modeling."

New England Psychological Association

Oct. 17–18, Lewiston, Maine

This year's New England Psychological Association (NEPA) Meeting will be held Oct. 17–18, at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. Planning for the 2014 NEPA program has just begun. Lynn Hasher, PhD, has been invited to present the APA Distinguished Scientist Lecture.

As in prior years, the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Psychology will meet the day before NEPA at the same location.

The deadline for submission of papers and symposia for NEPA is June 8. Poster submissions will be reviewed through September on a space-available basis.