Since 2008, women psychology leaders have been helping other women in the field learn and practice leadership skills through APA's Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology, held each year before APA's Annual Convention. Chair Helen Coons, PhD, Co-chair Sandra L. Shullman, PhD, and a team of other prominent women in psychology share their expertise on negotiation, mentoring, strategic planning, and other skills designed to promote participants' confidence and effectiveness.

The seventh institute, to be held in August right before APA's Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., Aug. 7–10, will host 30 women in academic and academic medical settings and 30 women in clinical and consulting settings, says Shari Miles-Cohen, PhD, of APA's Women's Programs Office.

"We're approaching 200 alumni, and they're all doing amazing, wonderful things," Miles-Cohen says. Included are psychologists who have become media spokespeople for psychology, taken risks to get promoted or change career paths, or written books that had been dormant for years, among other accomplishments.

To apply, visit the call for applications. "This is a competitive process and modesty is not helpful in this regard," the application states.

Tori DeAngelis